Toxic Drop

  • Toxic Drop, our newest inflatable obstacle course. Two players at a time race to the finish and down a giant slide. Along the way they have to traverse many different shaped obstacles or at the end they will “drop ” out of the race.

    As they progress to the second section, they get higher & higher by climbing up the blocks. When they get to the last block it is in the shape of a giant wedge (narrower at the bottom) thus causing it to sway back and forth.

    If they make it to the end they get to slide down and out.

    The games has 7 of obstacles:

    Obstacle 1. The Wedges

    Obstacle 2. The X Wall

    Obstacle 3. The Vault

    Obstacle 4. The Mangle

    Obstacle 5. The Blocks

    Obstacle 6. The Drop

    Obstacle 7. The Slide

    Best for ages 8 and up (has min height requirements).


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    Product Dimensions:
    Length: 78’
    Width: 12’
    Height: 16’